Treviso, Italy

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Project Description

The project involves an old farmhouse in Tarzo, a small village in the green hills near Treviso. The building complex has the typical setting of farm buildings, with barn and stables overlooking a large courtyard. The building was the subject of a conservative renovation, intended to keep as much as possible the features and components that distinguish the original rustic houses. The project was then developed according to a non-invasive logic and it maintains the rigor and simplicity of a country home. The substantial recovery of the original architectural elements is the most evident proof: the stones and the strains on the walls, rafters and beams of fir ceilings, old air vents, the same old bricks and tiles were removed, cleaned and laid back. All materials used come from the Venetian area. The courtyard was built using stone from Cugnan (Belluno). These raw materials, unprocessed and economic, reflect the spirit and the identity of a traditional house.

The interiors have been instead completely reinvented to create a more liveable space and to meet modern needs. The absence of internal divisions made it possible to articulate the internal structure on two levels: the ground floor is the living area; the upper floor is a sleeping loft. In the living room a modern white sofa and a rug in the shades of black and white set around the fireplace. On the opposite side there is the kitchen, characterized by clear and linear furniture. The kitchen and the living room communicate through Eclisse Luce system for sliding doors, with glass and aluminium double door.