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About Us

Everything started in the late 1980s when a metal joinery shop established in the 1960s gradually began to specialize in the production of metal sliding systems for doors and windows. The decision to diversify from the original De Faveri S.r.l. production gave rise to the idea of systems for pocket sliding doors, a new product to be developed in series. Officially, the Eclisse story starts on January 10, 1989, the date on which Luigi De Faveri founded Eclisse. The enterprise, an ambitious project which was not free of risks, required major investments to set up cutting-edge industrial plants and compete on a highly selective market.

In the 1990s, Eclisse grew through hard work and a steadfast commitment to research and innovation as well as through the team spirit of those deeply involved in this project. Expansion of the models and the range of processes plus the ability to innovate products and process gradually brought encouraging market development, both in Italy and abroad.

Today Eclisse is a renowned brand, benchmark for the industry, leader in the field with 10 subsidiaries worldwide, more than 30 representative offices and 2000 distributors in Italy and are able to produce 1300 frames a day.

Why We’re Different

Enjoy the elegance of Soft-closing and Self-closing technology. Eclisse tracks allow you to choose any door design. Also, Eclisse systems allow you to choose any wood, aluminum or frameless glass door design.
Our patented removal track means you never have to break drywall to remove the track ever again making installation and removal a breeze.

Your designs will always have tremendous space saving benefits. We make your job easier because our technology has unlimited design options with wood doors, aluminum frame doors and frameless glass doors, unique functionality.

Case Studies